Plasma head for tissue welding

Tête plasma pour soudage de tissu

  • Inventors: LAM, AMNON
  • Assignees: Ionmed Ltd
  • Publication Date: July 14, 2011
  • Publication Number: WO-2011055368-A3


La présente invention concerne un dispositif médical compact pour soudage de tissu. Les têtes plasma portables de la présente invention sont conçues pour des découpes profondes et des découpes longues.
A compact medical device for tissue welding is provided. The hand-held plasma heads are configured for deep cuts and long cuts. A bio-compatible liquid capable of solidifying in response to application of plasma, such as an albumin solution, is applied to the wound. Plasma created from a gas such as helium is then applied to said bio-compatible liquid to solidify it and seal the wound. An additional polymerizing gas may also be applied. A feedback mechanism may maintain the temperature of said plasma. A wiper fort removal of excess liquid may also be provided.




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